Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grey Gardens Recipe Box

I recently found something for my own collection. This is an early 1970's recipe box that is featured in the original "Grey Gardens" documentary and the recent HBO film. It's just a simple metal box with a retro-70's pattern...but it holds much more meaning to any fan of Grey Gardens. In the original documentary, this box is given to Big Edie at her birthday party (you might remember the scene because it's one of the few times she comes downstairs). Big Edie is presented this box by a guest at the dining table. This box also shows up in the HBO film starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Near the end of the film, Big Edie gives her wedding jewelry to Little Edie to wear at the premiere. She stores the jewelry in a recipe box exactly like this one. My recipe box is EXACTLY like these two examples....made by the same company and distributed in stores about 1972-76. I was thrilled when I found mine at a local estate sale. This simple recipe box is considered a "must have" by any GG collector and they do sell for a hefty price if you can find one. I'm just thrilled to have it!
As Little Edie would say:"It's absolutely terrific....honestly!"

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