Saturday, September 26, 2009

hanky panky...bowling...and true crimes

Recent arrivals at the shop include a wonderful assortment of vintage hankies in amazing (fresh) condition. This great old "bowling portrait" featuring the team from Sigman Meat Co..... the players are (from left to right): "Roger"- "Margaret" - "Phyllis"(she has the gold sparkle ball) and "Jim". They bowled at the old 20th Century Bowl (SE Portland?).

These are great old detective magazines from 1947. They feature young women in perilous situations. The titles read: "Home Front Heroine", "Death Trap for a Lady in Love" and "Sailor's Bride - He Sent Me to My Doom". These were in a box of old magazines I picked up.

Nice 1960's metal vanity. This piece has great scrollwork and would be perfect for a "re-do". The top pops off and can be painted or covered. This would make a cute hall table or patio/garden potting bench.

Some very cute miniature garden chairs. The old doll high chair has a flip-up tray so dolly can fit on the seat. These make great gifts or group a few of these with some plants on the front porch.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sad Little Rabbit

I rescued this sad little rabbit from a recent 'free pile'. He was hiding among discarded toys, socks, assorted lids and plastic throwaways, and a few incomplete board games. This guy is about 12" tall and made from concrete. He had an accident in his past and his ears have been carefully re-glued. I plan to sand off the glue residue and paint him. He will have a new home in our garden. His future looks brighter than a week ago.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let these pictures do the talking....

Pam at "One Gal's Trash" challenged her readers to "show all your junk" and "show what you've been hiding". partner Steven said if I get anymore junk in the house and garage it will be just like "Grey Gardens". I confess this will be me in about twenty years. Enuff said....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lotsa Little Stuff

Lots of "little stuff" is what I found on my junking adventures this weekend. Many nice small things.....miniatures, decor items, and paper finds. The collection below features a ceramic girl napkin holder. Two awesome art deco wood frames. Miniature chairs and a metal doll stove. Teacups and saucers. I love the ceramic hand!

A whole lotta little bottles and vintage medicine knick-knacks. Old books and advertising. Banks and store promotional items. Antique tins and art supplies.

Two very nice 1940's era scrap/photo books. 60's Christmas boot mug. Sequin ornament birds. A wooden corner shelf. Ladies hats and misc. sewing notions.

A treasure trove of 1940's era paper items......old photos, postcards, menus, and advertising. autographed photo from movie star Jane Powell (who is from Portland). This is a real handsigned item and it's going home to join my autograph collection.

Wooden birds on stands. An original 1960's oil painting of Mt. Hood. Ceramic animals including frogs and a duck. So this weekend it was all "smalls"......who knows, maybe next weekend it will be large furniture items. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who's Theda...?

Recent arrivals to the shop include this vintage beauty salon sign. It's from the 60's or 70's. Someone told me they thought the location was in SE Portland near Woodstock Street. But no confirmation on that information. I just liked the idea of a huge "beauty salon" sign.... everything is just a "salon" these days. A "beauty" shop is very 'old school' and that appeals to me!

These two paintings are a recent find. Oil on canvasboard. From the 1920's and found in a local estate. Above is Mt. Hood and the Columbia River. Below is the Columbia Gorge with rocks and the river. Both of these have sold!

This cute metal vanity makes a great backdrop for vintage linens and knick-knacks. The pair of lamps are unusual.....they are glass with plastic molded shades.

After the 50's dinette set sold last week, I needed to place the Homer Laughlin dishes in a new spot. I found this dark wood shelf unit and I like the result of the move. Customers can now see everything very clearly and the colors show off nicely.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

mystery lady

Who is this woman?
I bought a painting this morning. It's large and did not have a frame. She looks very much like writer Barbara Cartland. But I think it's someone more local. This lady liked her dogs (pomeranians) and pearls (necklace AND earrings). She's very nicely styled and looks rich. Why was this painting in a thrift shop? Who is she and what happened to her? Please tell me your story.... my mystery lady.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Satan's up to....

I found this book today. It was just too disturbing....I had to buy it. This book is dated 1974 and is titled: "Hell On Earth - a sobering view of what Satan's up to". The funny thing about this is the artwork. It features whimsical hippy-style illustrations that look like HR Pufnstuff characters. If that's Satan.....he's a pretty hip guy.

I read about the author. His name is Bob Larson and his bio says: "Bob was a child rock music star, a rock DJ, and is a minister. He has authored several books mostly about the moral analysis of rock music". Very interesting....and groovy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Love Lamps.....

Just arrived...
A pair of interesting 1950's lamps. These appear to be Indian (India) motif with a royal touch. These are very pretty men with turbans, crowns, and jewels. No shades....I would suggest large black shades in a mid-century design. This pair would be fabulous in the right setting. Excellent condition and available right now. I love lamps!