Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nooks and Crannies...

After the big "re-arrange" of the shop, I have many interesting nooks and crannies. The 1940's dollhouse is great and complete with a housefull of vintage furniture.

The french costume ball poster is reproduction but has fabulous colors. Plus it's only $9.00!
We also carry vintage globes and maps.

This is the wedding corner featuring cake toppers and decorative nuptual items from the 1940's thru the 1970's. Perfect funky gifts for a wedding shower!

This is the cast of Rita's (in house) burlesque show. All girls are over 18. Plus we have one drag queen.....she's the one in blue.

This small vintage desk just arrived...... It's 1940's and very cute! Perfect for a small space or apartment. Complete with shabby industrial green paint job. A great piece for only $46.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My artwork at Sellwood Gallery

Moreland Frameworks is featuring some of my collage artwork. Four pieces are currently on display until the end of February.

The gallery is located at: 6517 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Phone# 503-234-5478. All pieces can be purchased at the gallery.

Here's a few shots from the opening event. Several artists and local picture framing experts
were in attendance. My friends Jeni Lee and Jen (on the right) discuss the show with one of the artists.
This painting (by one of the other artists) caught my eye. It looks like mid-century barkcloth fabric! I'd love to see this hung in a 1950's living room full of blonde wood furniture.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I met Mark Twain....!

I shook Mark Twain's hand. wasn't really Mark Twain. But it was legendary Hollywood and Broadway actor Hal Holbrook. He was in Portland with his "Mark Twain Tonight" stage show. We were invited backstage and got to meet him after the performance. We actually stood in the theater wings as Mr. Holbrook greeted a small crowd of well-wishers. He signed my 8 x 10 photo of him dressed as Twain. He was very nice and spent alot of time talking to each guest.
Amazing energy for a man who is 84 years old......

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Block Walking Tour

It's amazing what's right in your own backyard. All of these cool buildings and businesses are within 2 blocks of the shop. I did a short tour today because I wanted a few photos. This is the legendary Hollywood Theater. A neighborhood landmark since the 1920's. They show art films and first-run features.

The Hollywood Burger Bar recently restored the exterior of this Hollywood landmark. Located at the corner of Sandy and 42nd.
The 42nd Street Station sign. This neon looks great at deco/1930's. Centrally located on 42nd in the Hollywood District. Inside is a group of small shops and businesses.

Sam's Billiards is a great neighborhood hangout. They feature awesome food and drinks plus lots of pool tables for gaming. This spot went 'smoke-free' in January and is always full of interesting people. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all really good!).

The Rita Deco shop is located at 1925 NE 42nd - Suite D.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Palmistry by Lamplight & Owl

I love these lamps I just picked up. Original shades in nice shape. The bases have wood and ceramic parts and feature a green 'wagon-wheel' motif. So cute in a western style bedroom!

This is a 'palmistry hand' for reading your fortune. This one is ceramic and quite large. I guess if you are a fortune teller, this would be the kind of gift you would receive at Christmas or on your birthday.

I like to put weird stuff out in front of the shop. This seems to draw people better than any $1000 sign. Some days I don't sell anything outside. Then other days it seems like every sale is some weird thing from outside. Here's a few new doo-dads I've found.....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Travel Trailers......Vintage Style!

Who can resist a vacation in a vintage travel trailer? Rita Deco has a selection of trailer and travel items. Advertising signs and travel brochures. Remember Lucy and Desi's adventures in "The Long, Long Trailer"...? We also have old postcards and photos related to roadtrips and vacations.

Rita Deco has these unique "airstream" decorative birdhouses. This one is a big hit with the trailer people.

We have these fun travel trailer birdhouses in stock at the shop. The green style is available in three sizes. These make great gifts!

This is my 'real' vintage trailer. It's a 1964 Aristocrat "LoLiner". This photo was taken on a September trip to Prineville Reservoir. This trailer is usually the oldest trailer/RV in the campground and attracts alot of attention.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evil Clowns and Lassie

The most evil clown portrait I have ever found. This 1960's 'beauty' was found along with the "Lassie" book shown below. I guess these items stayed together to keep the world balanced between 'good and evil'. I'm wondering if the clown is just one of the musicians in an evil clown band. I will be looking for the bandmates!

A fabulous 1960's Ken Doll case. I love how 'flamboyant' the Ken character appears on the artwork. Plus it's a lavender case. They don't make toys like this anymore!

This is a great reproduction poster for the 1930's film: "Freaks". This movie showcases real side show freaks and performers. If you have not seen it.
This movie makes the real freaks in your own life seem 'not so scary'....!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be Mine! Valentine

Rita Deco has a nice array of handmade Valentine's cards. Each one is uniquely decorated and comes with envelope. These are great if you want something more special than a 'grocery store' card. Perfect to send to a sappy sweetheart or long distance lover!
Currently in stock at our NE Portland shop.

Vintage crepe paper centerpiece and sweet "Be Mine" pillow. Those original old-stock treat bags are really special. AND.....don't forget the really weird little Valentine doll with HUGE feet!

I love this 'Carmen Miranda' inspired card.....what a cutie!

Artists Gather in Moreland-Sellwood

Several Portland artists will be featured in a group show at Moreland Frameworks.
The opening will be Friday - February 6th / 6-9pm.
The gallery is located at: 6517 SE. Milwaukie Ave / Portland
Contact phone: 503-234-5478
Several artists will be in attendance for the opening event.

One of the featured artists is William Spencer who will have several collage pieces
in the show. Vintage paper and found materials are used to create touching and
personal "memory" collages. Each art piece is unique and one of a kind.

All artwork is available for purchase at the gallery.
Opening: February 6th and continues until end of month.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Signs of the Times!

Cute vintage-inspired dog signs. Two of Rita's best sellers!

"Happy Hour Motel" and "Quality Auto Repairing" - Wonderful accents for a vintage setting.
These look like old signs from Roadside America and Route 66!

Fabulous example of the cool vintage inspired advertising signs available at Rita Deco. This is for cat food and tells kitties: "Don't be a crabby be a happy tabby!"