Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evil Clowns and Lassie

The most evil clown portrait I have ever found. This 1960's 'beauty' was found along with the "Lassie" book shown below. I guess these items stayed together to keep the world balanced between 'good and evil'. I'm wondering if the clown is just one of the musicians in an evil clown band. I will be looking for the bandmates!

A fabulous 1960's Ken Doll case. I love how 'flamboyant' the Ken character appears on the artwork. Plus it's a lavender case. They don't make toys like this anymore!

This is a great reproduction poster for the 1930's film: "Freaks". This movie showcases real side show freaks and performers. If you have not seen it.
This movie makes the real freaks in your own life seem 'not so scary'....!

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