Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Block Walking Tour

It's amazing what's right in your own backyard. All of these cool buildings and businesses are within 2 blocks of the shop. I did a short tour today because I wanted a few photos. This is the legendary Hollywood Theater. A neighborhood landmark since the 1920's. They show art films and first-run features.

The Hollywood Burger Bar recently restored the exterior of this Hollywood landmark. Located at the corner of Sandy and 42nd.
The 42nd Street Station sign. This neon looks great at deco/1930's. Centrally located on 42nd in the Hollywood District. Inside is a group of small shops and businesses.

Sam's Billiards is a great neighborhood hangout. They feature awesome food and drinks plus lots of pool tables for gaming. This spot went 'smoke-free' in January and is always full of interesting people. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all really good!).

The Rita Deco shop is located at 1925 NE 42nd - Suite D.

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