Thursday, February 5, 2009

Travel Trailers......Vintage Style!

Who can resist a vacation in a vintage travel trailer? Rita Deco has a selection of trailer and travel items. Advertising signs and travel brochures. Remember Lucy and Desi's adventures in "The Long, Long Trailer"...? We also have old postcards and photos related to roadtrips and vacations.

Rita Deco has these unique "airstream" decorative birdhouses. This one is a big hit with the trailer people.

We have these fun travel trailer birdhouses in stock at the shop. The green style is available in three sizes. These make great gifts!

This is my 'real' vintage trailer. It's a 1964 Aristocrat "LoLiner". This photo was taken on a September trip to Prineville Reservoir. This trailer is usually the oldest trailer/RV in the campground and attracts alot of attention.

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  1. Hi William,
    Thanks for the email. I have been in your shop on 42nd and also when it was on Prescott. You have yummy stuff! I'll be happy to add you to my favorites and would appreciate the favor in return!
    I'll swing by soon to say hello.
    Pam ~ One Gal's Trash