Monday, March 22, 2010

Bunny Trail

Some new arrivals at the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop....

Old-school style, light up Easter bunnies.....a boy and a girl!

Vintage magazines including Sunset and home decor publications.

Funky 1970's era dollhouse furniture in retro style and color.

Pink flamingos for the lawn.
Vintage yard and garden....watering cans, old sprinklers, pots and planters.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New New Old Stuff

Several boxes of "stored" treasures were recently uncovered in a basement Spring cleaning. These items were gathered months ago and disappeared for a few months. But I was happy to find them again and get these goodies in everyone's hot little hands.....

Two beautiful 1930's ceramic art deco heads and a sweet 20's figural print in painted shadow glass.

Several nice ceramic vases, a pair of California restaurant plates, and a stunning 4-pc art deco set of cocktail glasses.

Original and authentic "wanted" posters circa 1947-1952. A pair of iron handcuffs.

Western collectibles and vintage miniature Mexican sombreros.

Vintage toys, paper finds, postcards, photos, and magazines.

You'll find all this fabulous stuff right now at the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop...!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Retro Rigs at the RV Show

We attended the 2010 Portland RV show last weekend. There were a few surprises including this 1950's Spartan vintage trailer. It had been restored (not pristine however) and was selling for $6700. That's alot of money for a really old trailer. The company that had this trailer fixes and restores old rigs. The exterior was far more impressive than the interior.

There were also a few modern trailer companies selling "retro-inspired" travel trailers. The trailers below were very "tricked-out" and had weird things like pop-outs which is strange when you are trying to base your design on a teardrop trailer. These also had ugly interiors and horrible exterior paint jobs.

These little "mpg" trailers were cute but had really fancy (out of place) deluxe interiors. They felt like an uber-slick boutique hotel on the inside. These looked retro on the outside but lacked any real vintage charm.

The following photos show the "sportsmen classic" trailers by K-Z.
These little units were adorable and like a modern "remake" of a vintage trailer. Our favorites were a sweet 14 footer and an awesome 16 footer. The "16" featured a bunkhouse design with twin bunkbeds and front dinette. These rigs have retro styling and loads of charm. The interiors feature nice wood, fabrics, and trims. This trailer line was the best by far in the small trailer category.
Something to put on the "wish list"......

Monday, March 15, 2010

Arriving Sunday....

Sunday saw a wonderful array of new "stuff " arriving at the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop.

A lovely little 40's era McCoy planter, some neat-o glitter plastic swizzle spoons, fabulous condition early 50's picnic basket, assorted mid-century ceramics, and an incredible original Niloak ball jug (in PINK!).

A fabulous 1960's signed Enid Collins purse called "carriage trade".

Huge rhinestone yummy colors.

A stash of interesting paperbacks, booklets, brochures and postcards.

Original 1930's writing journal with a ledger book called "Hollywood Portfolio".

Postcards from 1960's Portland car dealership featuring old-time automobiles.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Parade

The Easter treasures have arrived at the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop. Many one-of-a-kind hurry in for best pick! Available now on our store floor. We also have Easter cards and paper items. Many items are under $10...what a great place to pick up some Easter cheer!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Fling Sale

Spring Fling Sale now underway! Storewide savings up to 50% off!
We must make room for new arrivals.
Hurry in for best pick.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Western Holly Gas Stove

The vintage gas range turns "one" this month. This retro treasure is over 55 years old but celebrates it's one year anniversary in our kitchen in March 2010. Made by Western Holly Stoves, this baby is pure cooking heaven. It features a large range top, big oven, and best of all.....a restaurant-style griddle in the middle. Pancakes, grilled cheese, and bacon are just like what you get at the local diner. This vintage range was refurbished and works great. It even cooked a large Thanksgiving turkey with no problem. It's very "old school" and the centerpiece of our kitchen. It just feels good having it in the an old friend!