Friday, March 19, 2010

New New Old Stuff

Several boxes of "stored" treasures were recently uncovered in a basement Spring cleaning. These items were gathered months ago and disappeared for a few months. But I was happy to find them again and get these goodies in everyone's hot little hands.....

Two beautiful 1930's ceramic art deco heads and a sweet 20's figural print in painted shadow glass.

Several nice ceramic vases, a pair of California restaurant plates, and a stunning 4-pc art deco set of cocktail glasses.

Original and authentic "wanted" posters circa 1947-1952. A pair of iron handcuffs.

Western collectibles and vintage miniature Mexican sombreros.

Vintage toys, paper finds, postcards, photos, and magazines.

You'll find all this fabulous stuff right now at the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop...!


  1. Last photo is that a doll house I spy in the bottom right corner???

  2. No, it's a painted mailbox that looks like a little cottage. I do get dollhouses and furniture. Stay tuned...!