Thursday, July 30, 2009

Columbia Gorge Adventure

After several days of heat, air conditioning issues at the shop, and cranky HVAC people......
A vacation in the Columbia Gorge will be a welcome relief!
Traveling east for a few days of family, campfires, and relaxing.
Beech Street Gardens will be tended to by a helpful neighbor and the Rita Deco shop will be open regular hours this weekend. Jason will be in the shop 11am - 5pm (Fri-Sat-Mon).
Stop by and say hello!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fifteen minutes on Friday

I had about 15 minutes to cruise through a couple of sales on Friday. I managed to pickup a fairly nice selection of items that are not a "repeat" in the shop.
Two super-nice white 40's vases. Ceramic 60's dogs and pink poodle earring holder.
Alaska tourist tray. Vintage deer and a really great (large) bottle brush xmas tree.
The tree is going home with me since I collect 'em.

Wooden doll house.....great project/fixer upper.

Funky fashion purse with Audrey Hepburn and (fake) "Tiffany" diamond trim.

Awesome original "anchor hocking" snack set. White glass with vintage wheat motif. This set is in the factory display box and is in mint condition. A nice silver fruit bowl and turned silver candlesticks. Not too bad for 15 minutes on a Friday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

People who live in skinny houses...

People who live in skinny houses don't like to park in their own driveways.
We had these "skinny houses" appear in our neighborhood about 3-4 years ago. I have mixed feeling about them. On the negative side: they are not all that attractive. They caused the density on the street to triple off of one lot. They look weird with the rest of the older homes.
On the positive side: they are a hell of alot better than the trashy hillbilly house that used to be in this exact spot. These neighbors are renters here. These properties are clean and new. We like the folks who occupy this trio.

But.....what's the deal about not parking in the friggin' driveways???
People who live in skinny houses do not like to park in their own driveways. I've seen this habit about a block down the street where there is another group of these dwellings. Please note in the photograph below: the cars parked in the strip directly across from the skinny houses belong to these addresses. And....get this....if the garage doors are open there's nothing inside except a few garden rakes and maybe a couple of garbage cans. Empty garages......but still feel the need to park across the street....?

Looking to the one's home.
Looking to the north.......a full parking lot.
Looking to the looking at all this "mystery".
People who live in skinny houses do not like to park in their own driveways.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Sunday Finds.....Garden Galore

Hot deals and new stuff arriving all the time at the Rita Deco Shop. Great big (baby blue) birdcage. Excellent cage for decorating project or hanging in the garden.

Really nice older wicker/rattan chair. Shabby white paint and horrible 80's fabric cushions. A quick recover in vintage floral fabric and this chair is ready for "Country Living Magazine"...! Nice solid wood baby crib from the 1950's. Lovely western framed print.
Classic Coleman camping jug circa 1965.

A whole bunch of rubber stamping letters from the 1950's. Including letters, numbers, and symbols......only 75 cents each! Spend a few minutes and dig for your initials!

We have alot of garden and patio doo-dads in stock right now. Awesome pair of iron garden lanterns. These are heavy duty for wall mount and will work for potted plants or candles. There is a bounty of garden decor and trims.....makes wonderful summer hostess gifts!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Junkin' the Western Trail....

Recent finds that arrived at the shop include this awesome 1950's/60's children's western shirt. Made by "Rob Roy" under the clothing line of "The Hitching Post". This vintage gem is a kid's size 10. Very good condition......needs a spiff up by a talented laundry person. Rare vintage clothing item....!

Still has the original vintage label, stitching, and all the original buttons.

Other fabulous stuff......60's "artmark" display doll, signed print by Gerald W. Marshall, kid's vintage books, barber pole bottle, great 1940's vintage framed photo of the 3 Sisters mountain range, lunchboxes, and a very sweet 60's carousel music box with dancing horses.

It's state fair season! This is an original movie poster from the 1962 film: "State Fair".....starring Pat Boone, Ann Margret, Pamela Tiffin, Alice Faye, and Bobby Darin. This is a fun poster. Rent the's a hoot-fest !!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Camper

It's vacation season and we have a few trips planned in our vintage trailer. I thought I would share some photos of my 1964 Aristocrat LoLiner. Built in Morgan Hill, California in the summer of 1964. This trailer traveled around the Northwest for 40 years before I found it. I spent about 9 months cleaning and "fixing" before we made the first trip.
Below photo is a trip to the Prineville Reservoir a few years ago.

This is when we ventured to the Oregon Coast and spent a few days near Fort Stevens.
It was 100 degrees in Portland and we thought we would escape the heat. It was about 85 degrees at the campsite..... so much for cool ocean breezes!

This (below) was the first trip ever with the trailer. Central Oregon in June.

Interior shots of the booth and table. The trailer was very original. We got rid of anything old and dirty. I kept the original curtains and replaced the trim and tiebacks. We had the cushions recovered (striped cushions are the old ones) and added more vintage signs and decor.
The trailer has the original interior wood paneling. Many older trailers have been painted which lowers the "vintage value" of the unit. The wood is in good shape.... at some point I will remove everything inside and (lightly) restore the wood. I'd also like to replace the floor and work on the bench units which show some wear and tear.
Original kitchen was really dirty but had amazing vintage appliances and trim work. Trailer had original icebox and stove. The range top works but the oven is missing parts.

This is a recent trip to Beverly Beach State Park. This shows our setup for cooking outside and all of our extra camping junk. Vintage trailers are a fun way to camp. They are primitive enough that you feel like you are "really camping" yet offer a nice bed and cozy living space. Plus they are dry.......much better than a tent!

Bric a Brac / Knic a Knac

New arrivals at the shop......
1950's kid's coloring books. Halloween lightup dated 1969. "Hell's Belles" - 60's bad girl movie poster. 50's pottery. Super-clean milk glass flower vase. Tourist pillow from Georgia.

Art Deco smoke stand & accessories. Small solid wood side table. Mid-century lamps. Paper and vintage postcards. Chinese ceramic kitties. Wire cages & garden decor. Everything is here and priced to sell. Stop by for a visit...!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Arrivals = New Stuff !

New arrivals this week at the shop: old hurricane glass is an oil lamp and the other is wired with electric light. Exceptionally cute silver wire baskets. Kewpie doll and old toys.
Ladies vintage jewelry: amazing glass bead necklaces from the 1920's. Rhinestones. Old watches and sunglasses. Bakelite bracelets and various metal bangles. A few pieces of Mexican silver including a very pretty pin. Mid-century pins and earrings. Plus a box of skeleton keys!

Vintage patent leather and a very old alligator bag. Barbershop sanitizer with original box. 1950's pottery and birds. 1940's telephone in working condition.
All items priced and available on our store floor.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Flamingos

Just arrived at the shop......1950's mirror with the retro"pink flamingos" motif. This one is excellent with the original frame. Measures 31" x 21". Mirror and design in fabulous clean condition. Perfect for your 50's room or great in bar/restaurant. It's here now and priced to move out quickly!

Friday, July 3, 2009