Friday, July 17, 2009

Junkin' the Western Trail....

Recent finds that arrived at the shop include this awesome 1950's/60's children's western shirt. Made by "Rob Roy" under the clothing line of "The Hitching Post". This vintage gem is a kid's size 10. Very good condition......needs a spiff up by a talented laundry person. Rare vintage clothing item....!

Still has the original vintage label, stitching, and all the original buttons.

Other fabulous stuff......60's "artmark" display doll, signed print by Gerald W. Marshall, kid's vintage books, barber pole bottle, great 1940's vintage framed photo of the 3 Sisters mountain range, lunchboxes, and a very sweet 60's carousel music box with dancing horses.

It's state fair season! This is an original movie poster from the 1962 film: "State Fair".....starring Pat Boone, Ann Margret, Pamela Tiffin, Alice Faye, and Bobby Darin. This is a fun poster. Rent the's a hoot-fest !!!

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