Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Camper

It's vacation season and we have a few trips planned in our vintage trailer. I thought I would share some photos of my 1964 Aristocrat LoLiner. Built in Morgan Hill, California in the summer of 1964. This trailer traveled around the Northwest for 40 years before I found it. I spent about 9 months cleaning and "fixing" before we made the first trip.
Below photo is a trip to the Prineville Reservoir a few years ago.

This is when we ventured to the Oregon Coast and spent a few days near Fort Stevens.
It was 100 degrees in Portland and we thought we would escape the heat. It was about 85 degrees at the campsite..... so much for cool ocean breezes!

This (below) was the first trip ever with the trailer. Central Oregon in June.

Interior shots of the booth and table. The trailer was very original. We got rid of anything old and dirty. I kept the original curtains and replaced the trim and tiebacks. We had the cushions recovered (striped cushions are the old ones) and added more vintage signs and decor.
The trailer has the original interior wood paneling. Many older trailers have been painted which lowers the "vintage value" of the unit. The wood is in good shape.... at some point I will remove everything inside and (lightly) restore the wood. I'd also like to replace the floor and work on the bench units which show some wear and tear.
Original kitchen was really dirty but had amazing vintage appliances and trim work. Trailer had original icebox and stove. The range top works but the oven is missing parts.

This is a recent trip to Beverly Beach State Park. This shows our setup for cooking outside and all of our extra camping junk. Vintage trailers are a fun way to camp. They are primitive enough that you feel like you are "really camping" yet offer a nice bed and cozy living space. Plus they are dry.......much better than a tent!


  1. She is beautiful...does she have a name?

  2. Pam....
    No, the trailer doesn't have a campy nickname like "sally" "pricilla" or "hazel".
    We just call it:
    "the LoLiner" - "the Aristocrat" - "our trailer"

    Some people are into naming their trailers....
    check out this website for some really crazy theme trailers which do have names:
    Trailer group for creative women.

    I'm still looking for a trailer group for
    fabulous gay guys.....!

  3. Will,
    Love the comment on the Spotted Dick posting. You're funny. See ya Monday.