Saturday, September 26, 2009

hanky panky...bowling...and true crimes

Recent arrivals at the shop include a wonderful assortment of vintage hankies in amazing (fresh) condition. This great old "bowling portrait" featuring the team from Sigman Meat Co..... the players are (from left to right): "Roger"- "Margaret" - "Phyllis"(she has the gold sparkle ball) and "Jim". They bowled at the old 20th Century Bowl (SE Portland?).

These are great old detective magazines from 1947. They feature young women in perilous situations. The titles read: "Home Front Heroine", "Death Trap for a Lady in Love" and "Sailor's Bride - He Sent Me to My Doom". These were in a box of old magazines I picked up.

Nice 1960's metal vanity. This piece has great scrollwork and would be perfect for a "re-do". The top pops off and can be painted or covered. This would make a cute hall table or patio/garden potting bench.

Some very cute miniature garden chairs. The old doll high chair has a flip-up tray so dolly can fit on the seat. These make great gifts or group a few of these with some plants on the front porch.

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  1. Those hankies are really in great condition and those magazines are incredible--I especially like the hairdo on the gal on "Front Page Detective". Your store looks sooooo fun and if I lived anywhere remotely close, I'm sure I'd be a regular customer.