Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dolly in Hollywood

I found a dollhouse recently filled with 1970's era furniture and trinkets. The house is not displayed here because I'm still spiffing it up. I will post a few pics when it's ready to show. It's hardcore 1970's era and looks like a European "Brady Bunch" house. My favorite dollhouse furniture pieces were the kitchen units pictured above. They look like something in the Ikea showroom.

This doll family has to be the ugliest group in all of "Dolltown". Yikes....what happened to them?
Dad's face is melted off. Mom's dress/slip is held on by a dirty staple. And the kids look like aliens. Although..... I have to say, I've had uglier (real-life) neighbors than these folks.

All of this miniature home decor is now available at our Hollywood shop. Wide array of items and all priced to move out quickly. These make great gifts for a careful child or adult collector.


  1. UGLIER neighbors than Mr. & Mrs. Melty Face-Trailer Trash and their alien spawn? Do you live at 1311 Mockingbird Lane???? Great doll furniture, BTW!

  2. These would be FORMER neighbors.
    All my present neighbors are fairly lovely...