Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pretty as a Peacock

Peacock After Dark is a fabulous variety-entertainment show held at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts / Newmark Theatre. It is a fundraiser for the Audria M. Edwards scholarship fund. This organization gives money to gay and lesbian students so they can complete their education. The show features local talent and several acts from all over the western United States. I will be helping out with the show this year and I wanted advertise it here on the blog. Tickets are still available to this huge show which is fast becoming "the event of the season". Read more about it at:
The show is Sunday, October 11th at the Newmark Theatre - Downtown Portland - 7pm


  1. What a great cause! I live in the land of rednecks and intolerance, but I am also blessed to be only 50 miles from New Orleans. I worked at Project Lazarus, an AIDS hospice, for several years and met so many great people. My secretary Jason's stage name was Lydia (real last name, DeCuir, I kid you not) and after I left I heard she went on to great acclaim in New York. Hope the show was a fantastic success!

  2. Will! It's an emergency! Please tell me you have one more Billy Chips bag!!! I tried to frame the one I had and cut it in the WRONG place. I so failed geometry!

  3. The extra kids are friends of ours, and yes, they were invited to help us move. Henry was great, Anna was surly. What's the news on the Billy Chips bag?