Monday, February 15, 2010

Dogs, Dioramas, and the Avon Lady

The weekend was pretty sparse for garage and estate sales. I did venture out later in the weekend. Sometimes, I can go on a Friday but I don't like full-price days and I don't like standing in line with housewives and the unemployed. There were a few decent sales and I did end up with a box of odds & ends. Below are Avon bottles. I usually DO NOT shop for old Avon collectibles. But these examples are highly collectible due to their subject matter. The bottles that are campers are popular with RV people and vintage travel collectors. The VW beetle bottles are hot with Volkswagen collectors and car buffs.

This is a 1950's Arizona diorama. These were popular at tourist gift shops in the Southwest. I've had a few of these and they always sell. The frame is cactus wood and the scene is decorated with real bits of desert plantlife.

This is just a hodgepodge of knicky-knacks. Some really cute 60's ceramics.

And books. Everyone knows "Benji" from the movies. The older book is dated 1950 and features many retro photographs of dog breeds and their owners.

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