Saturday, May 1, 2010

Portland Pickers: Freestylin'

"Freestylin" is a vintage picker's term for driving and finding treasure without a map or plan. Last weekend, I went to a few sales that were on my list. I was out and away from home so I decided to "freestyle" on my journey back to the house. I stopped at a couple of very "un-advertised" driveway sales (you know the ones where people just drag a bunch of crap onto their driveway). I bought an amazing array of vintage photos from a man who had them in a cardboard box that he dumped on his driveway. There were many large photos including vintage fashion photography, old buildings, swimsuit modeling, pre-1920 family photos, military soldiers, and a packet of snapshots showing deep sea bell diving. I bought the entire box and was on my way! Here's a tiny sample of my "freestylin' finds".....

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