Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabulous New Arrivals !

New arrivals at the shop!
Fabulous finds are popping up like Spring flowers. This is a wonderful 1940's framed print from the Oregon Coast. It shows Haystack Rock (?) and bits of actual sealife in the design.

I got a collection of vintage 1950's era placemats and retro menus from old restaurants. These are rare and in fine condition. Perfect for framing and use in your vintage kitchen.

We have some wonderful reproduction prints done on canvas. This process is called "giclee" and these examples are art deco designs. Expertly done and very beautiful. These have finished edges and can be hung as is......or suitable for custom framing.

This 1950's hula doll is so sweet. She's all original and quite a beauty. All of the featured items are available at Rita Deco. Hurry in for best pick!

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