Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Antique Mall - Lincoln City

We went to this mall TWICE during our visit to Lincoln City. The first day we got there it was late so we only had about an hour before they we went back! The name "little antique mall" is puzzling. The mall is quite spacious with two huge rooms and tons of spaces. I have been going to this mall for years and I cannot get outta there without a bag full of stuff! We always call this mall "The Red Duck"......and so do alot of people I know. Everyone knows the 'red duck mall' on Hwy 101...!

The mall is clean and organized. Some of the spaces are casual and packed full. Others are neatly arranged and orderly. They have fancy collectibles, pottery, glass, mid-century, and seasonal finds.

You can find 'specialty' collections in the mall such as holiday items and black memorabilia. I always see a bunch of stuff I want to bring home. But I usually end up with just a few carefully chosen goodies.

These are a few of the old greeting cards I found at the mall. There were a whole bunch tucked in a plastic bag......and I got them for a song!

Nice array of collectible dishes and pottery. There's usually lots of American art pottery to choose from. Fiesta, Roseville, McCoy, Weller......all there the day I shopped!

I loved these ballet pictures. Apparently these are mid-century and from a known artist. They were very expensive....but cool anyway!

The Little Antique Mall is located at:

3128 NE Hwy 101 - Lincoln City, Oregon

This place is worth a shopping trip. But allow about two hours if you browse at a steady pace......if you are slower it might take all afternoon!

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