Thursday, March 19, 2009

Historic Anchor Inn - Lincoln City

The Historic Anchor Inn is located in Lincoln City, Oregon. This is a fabulous place to stay if you want an affordable and memorable vacation lodging experience. Located in the Taft area, the Inn is right on Highway 101.......yet it seems secluded and quiet. The owners (Kip Ward and Katrica Hansen) will see that your stay is a relaxing and friendly experience. The rates are $39.00 on weekdays / $49.00 weekends. Plus you get a handmade breakfast for free!

Here are a few exterior shots of the Inn. They have cabin units and 2-room suites located inside the lodge. This property was built in the 1940's and has so much charm. The yard and courtyard are decorated in a vast array of cool old 'beach junk' that reminds you of childhood vacations at the coast. The Inn is very casual and not fancy. So if you want a luxury hotel go elsewhere.
Our room was clean and had everything we needed. Plus.....the staff will bend over backwards to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

The lodge has a lobby area, large parlor, lounge/bar, and guest rooms on the main floor. The next few photos show the parlor area and cocktail bar. This is not a actually stay here and enjoy all this wonderful vintage stuff!

This is the cocktail bar and lounge. This area is available for parties or group gatherings. There is knotty pine and vintage wood all of the fabulous seashore decor.

This is the lobby area and front desk area. There is movie memorabilia and lots of retro knick-knacks to browse. They also have a whole bookcase full of movies to play in your room's DVD player. I love the huge photo of Joan Crawford!

Funny signs and memorabilia are tucked away in every corner of the Inn. The beautiful portrait of the vintage pin-up girl caught my eye. Too much cool stuff to take in....!

This is looking down the hallway in the lodge's 1st floor. Guest rooms are located down here. And yes.....even the hallways are decorated and decked out in the vintage style.

This is upstairs in the sitting area/living room of the Inn. This area is perfect for groups to mingle and watch a movie or just visit. There are more guest rooms up here plus a community kitchen open for guest use.

Here is a corner of one of the guest rooms. Your suite has a main living room, bathroom, and separate bedroom. Every room and cabin is furnished with old furniture, interesting lamps and decor. No two rooms are alike.

The Anchor Inn is located at 4417 SW Hwy 101 in Lincoln City. Phone: 541-996-3810
Toll free: 1-800-582-8611
A few facts:
Pets allowed in cabins. The Inn is located near many shops and restaurants. Breakfast is included for all guests. Public areas are open for viewing and use. No phones in rooms.
Cabins have small kitchens with frig and microwave. Community kitchen is available for lodge rooms. Coffee grinder, beans, and coffeemaker in cabins. TV & DVD in rooms. Friendly staff available to answer questions or address concerns. Charming motel with not alot of "hassle".
Don't be afraid to ask questions or request an informal tour of the property.

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  1. Thanks Rita Deco ! You and your camera gave us a great 'taste" of what the Anchor Inn is about. We have emailed them for reservation info on two cabins. Patty