Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Stroll

An April stroll through the Rita Deco Nostalgia Shop reveals many treasures and recent arrivals.

Assorted vintage pottery and ceramics. I look for this kind of stuff all the time in my travels. I have a personal interest in art pottery and like to share the finds with customers.

These black memorabilia items arrived as one large collection.

Who can resist "Lady Ellen Hollywood Klippies"...? We always have fun ladies hair doo-dads and vintage styling tools in stock.

A 1950's kitty cat TV lamp in amazing condition.

We carry old clocks, music boxes, and unusual accessories. I love this art deco salt & pepper travel set. It's made from old-school green plastic.

Ceramic "whirling dervish" figurines from the Middle East. I don't have a place in my house for these or else they would be there...!

Stop in the store today and take an "April Stroll" through the Rita Deco Shop. Vintage treasure is waiting just for you!

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