Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunshine arrivals.....

The recent spring sunshine has resulted in a flurry of vintage finds arriving at the shop:

A very nice (large) paint by number landscape.

Vintage kitchen tins including this amazing "dutch boy" potato chip tin.

A whole new gaggle of vintage flour sifters including many with amazing paint jobs.

I made more retro state magnets. Very colorful and perfect for the vintage kitchen.

A whole collection of "Guardian Service" aluminum cookware. Awesome vintage style with glass lids. We have many hard-to-find pieces including roasters, casseroles, and rare handles.

Vintage kitchen ceramics and doo-dads.

1950's roulette set for home parties.

Nice early 60's world globe (older than I usually see).

All stock in the store right now! Hurry in for best pick!


  1. That is some seriously great stuff! Wish I was there!

  2. Thanks for sending my cupcakes I saw in your photos! Nice to know you will ship items right to my door. This Indiana vintage lover is so happy!