Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Photo Treasure Trove

I got a box of vintage photo albums from the 1960's and 1970's recently. These came from a man who shot the pics here in Portland and on various trips. There are tons of train photos and many albums of vacation trips to Europe, US East Coast, and California. He also liked buildings and took many photographs of local Portland landmarks being constructed. But in this mix, there were several sections of "interesting" subjects......

Vintage Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood (that's pretty standard).....

It got more interesting with a drag queen fashion show circa 1972.....

These shots show a college fraternity hazing including a display of paddles and some actual spanking of the underclassmen....

A sprinkling of very cool vintage automobiles.

A retro cat show......circa 1973.

Spectacular vintage photos of cactus taken on an Arizona vacation.

Late 60's Rose Festival parade floats and the Portland Mayor standing next to the Mayor's trophy award winner.

Several pictures of interesting-looking women.

Many pages of vintage homes and people (Grampa & Grandma) doing fun things. Holiday photos of the same house over many years.....

A groovy 1970's cowboy smiling for the camera.

And finally..... many pics of men doing tasks and posing for photographs while on vacation.

This is only a fraction of what I found. A few select pieces will go into my own collections. But the majority of the photos will be available for purchase at Rita Deco in Hollywood and also at the Fremont location. These old pics make great collectibles and can be made into artwork and cards. So much fun!

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