Saturday, April 25, 2009

NE Portland is Frogville

These are the frogs that live in my backyard. A few years ago, we traveled to "Hughes Water Gardens" for their tadpole giveaway. They give away a free bag of tadpoles that you can take home and put in your waterbowls. We put them in about three years ago and we have frogs every Spring and Summer. The frogs seem to multiply every year and this year we saw small clusters of eggs. These eggs just turned into teeny tadpoles in the last few days. So I guess we will have LOTS of frogs in the future. We are hoping that maybe some of the frogs will travel to neighboring yards. But you must have a (non-splashy) water feature to attract the frogs. Your landscape needs to be partially shaded and have lots of hiding spots. Common enemies of frogs are cats, raccoons, and birds. They also need water bowls with no fish living there.
Aren't they cute!


  1. Here, in Brasil, they change colors o.o

  2. Living rural surrounded by ponds, we've never been without frogs. We can always tell when it's spring...the frog song begins, and sometimes it can be deafening. lol

    We've had many in our yard, and some that have even taken up housekeeping behind wall plaques.