Friday, April 24, 2009


I went to a church rummage sale this morning. I'd been out there last year but I had forgotten they did "numbers" at the door. Hmmm......for a church rummage sale? I parked and headed toward the door. I noticed that there were ALOT of older folks. In fact, I felt like I was attending a Lawrence Welk concert. I was the youngest by about 30 years!
I was number 38.....ok, not too bad. But this is a church rummage sale...?
It was time to open the doors. The lady at the front door said "OK...the first twenty".
There was a rush to the door (and I know some of those old farts were not #1-20) but she NEVER CHECKED THEIR NUMBERS!!! What's the frikken point? All that hoohaa about numbers and then you don't police it...?
Anyway, she finally started collecting the numbers as people were going in order. I got in about 5 minutes later. This sale has been better previous years. I still managed to find a bunch of stuff and a few really cute things. Other shoppers didn't have that great of stuff in their baskets either. This sale is staffed by volunteers. So you get all the problems that go with that......chit-chat in the aisles, clueless calculator operation, and general chaos. But overall it was worth the time. Here's a few pics of some new stuff that came from this sale and items I've recently found.
Sorry for the allergies have been killing me and I'm cranky!

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  1. I have never heard of numbers at a church rummage! It's an outrage!
    You did get some good the kitties with the hats a paint by numbers? It's pretty sick. In a good way.
    Re: the jewelled Xmas trees. Don't think I don't have several already. I can't wait to show you my favorite one. It's freaking gorgeous. As I have said many many times, I am drawn to things made by people with WAY too much time on their hands.