Friday, April 10, 2009

That was in my Grandma's house...!

We always have people in the shop who comment: "That's just like the one in my Grandma's house" or "My Mom had that.....I grew up with it". So this is what makes vintage and retro collecting such a joy. It's almost more about the nostalgia than the actual collectible. Often, the Rita Deco Shop replaces an item that has been missing from someone's life for decades. People want to find stuff they grew up with or find an item to replace something that was tossed out years ago.

Dishes, kitchen collectibles, utensils, and wall decor are common items people want to duplicate from their childhoods. Many customers lament that these common, everyday items were given away or tossed out. A lucky few collectors have original items passed down through the years. We mostly see folks who are "trying to find it again". We take customer's "want lists" and contact them when we do find their cherished collectible (or something pretty darn close!).

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