Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sew Fabulous!

Wow!.......that's what I said when I found this sewing basket from the 1940's filled with retro notions and sewing supplies. Included were vintage pincushions, spools and thread, assorted pins, and a fantastic 40's rotating pincushion/threadholder in wonderful condition.
You can use these notions when you sew your costume for the Ballroom Dancing competition (below).

These are the nicest suitcases I've found in a very long time. Circa 1950, these beauties are leather and have fabulous interiors and compartments. Awesome!

I found some great kid's books recently. The "make-it book" is filled with (Dick and Jane style) retro illustrations. This book is hardbound and is dated 1953.
And.....who can resist a coupla cheesy tourist plates?

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