Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Different Look....

We recently had some "different" things arrive at the shop. I say different because these items are older, darker, and more antique than we usually feature. We have two very old mirrors including a nice 'federal style' example. The old pendulum clock runs and I've had it tick-tocking to keep me company. It has a really nice (quiet) chime that is pleasing to the ear.

Very ancient typewriter. Much loved but still works!

Collection of old pottery in dark browns, greens, and golds. These would be great in a 1920's room or old Portland bungalow house. Very unusual....!

This table arrived with the other items. It's more typical of what we carry at the shop.
1950's era kitchen table. Chrome legs and details. Fabulous enamel fired top (not formica).
Smaller size perfect for nook or use as a side table/utility table.
All items available right now at: Rita Deco Shop - 1925 NE 42nd / 503-253-5793 /Portland

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  1. Found the shop today! It was fun to look around and see all the great stuff. I even found some vintage photos for use in my artwork!

    And thanks for pointing me to the Shop Vintage website! Definitely a lot to see there.