Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sign Malfunction....!!!

I learned a funny story about the hotel we are staying at in Chicago.
The property fell into "disrepair" several years before the big renovation of 2007. The small hotel offered cheap rooms and not much more. A story centered around the shabby neon sign near the entrance. Apparently old-style neon signs are wired in sections. When the sign for "Hotel Cass" malfunctioned......the result was this (see below).

The sign stayed for awhile. It was later removed when the hotel got it's big facelift.
Imagine pointing a cab driver to this address......!


  1. Hi:
    I was at Pam's and saw your blog name and thought that is interesting and came to say hi. I love the malfunctioned neon sign, they should have kept it : )
    Nice to meet you and have a nice long weekend