Friday, May 15, 2009

Driveby Shopping / Friday Finds

I was doing some errands this a.m. before the shop opened. I normally "drive by" regular crappy garage sales. You know the ones with obsolete stereos, baby clothes, 80's sofas, and VCR tapes. I did stop at one that an elderly couple (a good sign) were having. They didn't have alot in their tidy garage.....but I did score the fruit cannister set & the cool wooden soap boxes.

When I was venturing back to Hollywood, I saw a "moving sale" sign. Usually that's not a good indicator of wonderful finds. Most people move and take the great stuff with them.....leaving a bunch of discards and crapola. But this sale was 'mis-labeled'. I discovered that the garage and driveway were full AND the first floor of the house. Then the lady told me it was an estate cleanout. Hmmm.....why don't you say that on the signage? Lots more people enjoy an estate sale than a crappy ol' moving sale!!! I got two bags full from this house. Plus....the lady said that they "hadn't gone through the bedrooms and basement yet and that's where the old stuff is". She informed me that next week would be the sale of those you know where I'll be next Friday!


  1. Where in the world is the sale on Friday? You must tell me and I promise I won't fight with you over anything. Unless it's concrete or sparkly.

  2. ohhh, love those tins and the children's Christmas book!