Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hotel Adultery with Cass

I cheated on a hotel. Not "in a hotel".......on a hotel.
A few posts ago, I mentioned that we were staying at the Ohio House Motel in Chicago. That was the plan until this "pretty girl" caught my eye. I love the "Ohio House". It's always the best bet for cheap and clean rooms in Chicago. It's always booked and popular. People know it's a good deal and it's location is fantastic. But the Ohio House room rates stay current (no discounts, seasons, deals).
The sluggish economy has changed the hotel playing field a bit.
Hotels in Chicago are slashing rates for the Spring/Summer season. That's where "Hotel Cass" comes into play. Built in 1927, it was completely redone ($16 million) in 2007. It is one of the newest "hot" small hotels in Chicago. Premium bedding, fancy trims, high-tone lobby, and free hot breakfast every morning. Four blocks closer to Michigan Avenue (that's a good thing). And drumroll please.....$9.00 more a night!
They are featuring room rates about 50% cheaper than in 2008/2007.
After reading several good reviews, I booked a room here for our Chicago vacation. I do feel sad and naughty that I "cheated" on the Ohio House. But when I cancelled, the front desk was very cheerful. They know that my old room will be snatched up right away.

Hotel, fresh, and trendy. This hotel will be something different for us.
I will feel like a cast member of "Sex in the City".....!
All for $9.00 more.

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