Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back from Chicago!

We arrived home from a fabulous vacation in Chicago. I will be doing just 4-5 posts about the trip. I don't want bore people too much with the details. But I did see a few things that I would like to share with others. Chicago is a great destination. The people are friendly and kind. The food and entertainment is top notch. There is always something to do and so much to see.

This was our room in the "Hotel Cass". This property had a fantastic location only two blocks from Michigan Avenue. It was close to the trains and was quiet (amazing!). Great free breakfast every morning. Excellent service and we met travelers from around the world. The room was quite nice but a bit on the small side.

But this was the view from our hotel room window.....WOW!
The rooms are decorated with cool 1950's era fashion photos.

We went on a river/lake cruise on our first morning in Chicago. They take you up the river to see all the famous skyscrapers. The boat turns around and then ventures out to Lake Michigan for panoramic views of the city. This was very reasonably priced and totally worth the time.

Sears Tower.....over 100 stories tall. It's wedged in a cluster of other tall buildings at least 60-80 stories tall. This makes Portland's buildings look like high school drafting projects!

Nice view as we head out to the lake. The tall skinny building in the center is Donald Trump's new hotel and condo project. It's due to be finished this summer.

Stay tuned......more Chicago highlights in the next few posts!

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