Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago wrap-up......

I will end the Chicago trip with a few misc. photos and stories. We managed to do some shopping while on vacation. The issue with Chicago antique and collectible stores......they are spread far and wide. It just didn't make sense to spend half a day finding one store. We did hit a few nice clothing shops (mainly the Munsingware Penguin Store) for items we can't get in PDX.

We did find this REALLY cute shop just a few blocks from our hotel. It's called P.O.S.H. and the website is: . This lovely shop has wonderful European flea market finds. Restaurant china and hotel silver. Lots of cool tabletop and gift finds. The shop has a "French feel" but is not overdone (candles/scents) like some stores. I fell in love with several original old floral paintings that were found in Belgium flea markets. If I had an open wallet, I'd have bought 6-8 of them! Instead, I bought a cool Chicago tea towel and some misc. paper items.

This was a "hot" nightspot near our hotel. I liked the cute winking girl. This place was packed in the evenings. We never went there......maybe next time!

Below are a few photos taken directly north of our hotel. This is a historic property that has been turned into a private club. The entire home, yard, and buildings have been expertly restored. They even had an incredible 30's Cadillac limosine just sitting in the driveway. Very ritzy!

A final shot taken looking directly into "the Bean" in Millennium Park.
Peace Chicago! We hope to return soon.......

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