Tuesday, June 9, 2009

94th Floor Observatory & Chicago eats....

Since our hotel was only a few blocks away from the John Hancock Building, we waited until a clear weather day to visit the 94th floor observatory. You buy your ticket and take "the quickest elevator ride" in America (0-94 floors in 45 seconds). The view is fabulous and gives you an excellent panorama of the buildings and geography of Chicago and it's suburbs.

This is looking in the direction of the downtown "loop" with the Trump tower and Sears tower in plain view. Keep in mind.....a 60 story building is small in this skyline.

Looking at the center of this photo, you see a swimming pool. Right next door is our hotel. It's the tall, skinny 16 floor Hotel Cass. It' s a midget compared to the other buildings in the area.
This is looking to the beaches, suburbs, and parks located north of the city's core business district. Wrigley Field, gay neighborhoods, shopping and restaurants, and upscale housing is located in this area.

Chicago is known for great restaurants. We sampled a few that were famous with the locals. This was "Pizzeria Uno" which featured traditional Chicago deep-dish pizza.

We ended up at this place after someone in a store told us the food was good. It was called "The Tilted Kilt" and is best described as "Hooters with a Scottish motif". The girls wore tiny kilts, skimpy blouses, and pushup bras. The food was indeed very good and you got a free side of boobs with every meal. This photo shows several waitresses entertaining three sailors from a nearby Naval Station. Everyone was so young and cute.

This is Maggiano's Little Italy. Located just a few blocks from our hotel. We had a wonderful sit-down Italian dinner here. Very traditional restaurant with a large menu. We sat on their side walk dining section. I normally don't like to sit on the street for dinner but this place was different. They had a large three foot wide planter box filled with shrubs and flowers that separated the sidewalk from the dining area. So you could see all the street activity but people were at least six feet away from you. The weather was great (no flying bugs) and the view of several skyscapers was amazing. Totally relaxing dinner in the heart of this bustling city.

This is the world's biggest McDonalds. I have to admit we did pick up a few snacks here. Open 24 hours....it's a good option at 2 a.m. after the bars. This is a "flagship" McDonalds store with two floors, a rooftop garden, escalators, museum, and fancy trims. The restaurant occupies an entire city block. It's busy day and night.......any hour or day of the week. CRAZY!

Next posts......Hyde Park, Obama, Science Museum.

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