Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicago Museum of Science/Industry & Obama's Hood....

We ventured to the south side of Chicago on Monday. We visited the neighborhood of the Obama's. They lived within blocks of here and Barack was a teacher at the University of Chicago (seen in the next two photos). The area is quite compact and the University buildings are old and resemble "Harry Potter" movie scenes.

We had wanted to go see the Obama's house on Greenwood Avenue (only a few blocks away). But the Secret Service has the entire area within three streets of the house blocked off. I heard that if you try to sneek a photo from even blocks away......they are right on yer ass! So the photo below is compliments of google maps.

We went to the "Museum of Science and Industry". This huge attraction took about four hours to see. It was a traditional 'old-school' museum with full size airplanes, trains, submarines, cars, and farm equipment. They had funky retro exhibits like "hatching chicks" and "make your own plastic molded toy". Plus I enjoyed seeing the "Colleen Moore Dollhouse" - a spectacular 1930's fantasy dollhouse I had heard about since I was little. Yes.....there were TONS of children and it was noisy and busy. But we managed to make it on a free admission day....! Cool, we can use that money for a nice dinner!

This dress was made from led lights. It moved around to a music soundtrack. This would be a great Halloween costume!

Full size and real Boeing 727 airplane inside the museum's main building. It's just hanging there and flying parallel to the second floor! That was cool.......

This is the famous "Robie House". It's located adjacent to the University. It's probably the second most famous Frank Lloyd Wright building in Chicago (next to the home/studio). It's open for very limited tours and some of it is closed. We will wait a few years and maybe tour this property when the 10 year renovation is complete. It was still great to see it in person and take a few photos. Right after these photos were taken, we experienced a massive mid-west thunderstorm and 30 minute HARD rain shower. We packed it up after this and returned to the hotel.

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