Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicago: Baha'i Temple and Millennium Park

We took the train far north to the town of Wilmette, Illinois on Saturday. We wanted to see the famous Baha'i Temple located in this beautiful lake shore park. The temple was constructed between the 1930's - 1950's to serve the Baha'i worshippers in North America. It's one of only a handful of temples located around the world. The temple is huge and inspiring. There's really not much else around here except for the small town of Wilmette. The town has a small business core surrounded by quite "chi-chi" neighborhoods. We saw some very pretty houses in this district.

We spent a bit of time downtown in Millennium Park. This area is only about 8-9 years old and is a popular spot to visit. Many acres of landscaped gardens, public spaces, and large art installations. The garden area is known as "Lurie Garden". It is maintained and planted as a seasonal garden so it's changing all the time. The photo with the large grassy field is where President Obama gave his acceptance speech after winning the election. The face spewing water is an art piece that changes it's expression then spits out the water. There's two of these with various faces representing Chicago.

This piece of art is known as "the Bean". It's only a few years old but already has become a Chicago landmark. It's official name is "Cloud Gate". There were tons of tourists taking photos of it when we visited. People were even laying on the ground and taking upside-down photos!

Stay tuned for more downtown adventures plus the musical "Mary Poppins".....

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