Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bigger isn't better.....

Bigger isn't better when it came down to estate sales on Friday. There were several large advertised sales which I had no time for. I opted to hit a couple of "family estate sales" that were on my way to work. These sales were small but filled with lots of inexpensive treasures and a few fabulous finds...... Vintage 60's sad-eye girl print. Two old Christmas window wreaths with the original boxes.
LustroWare kitchen storage boxes in original plastic wrap. Glove forms for drying vintage gloves. A very cute dancing clown music box. And....FREE vintage gift wrap!

English teacups/saucers. Art Deco vanity mirror and powder box. Art glass paperweight. A flock of vintage ceramic and glass birds. Vintage hankies and linens. A ceramic clown bottle.

Vintage luggage. Old 50's mechanics books. Fabulous 1940's copper and brass trophies.
Retro desk knick-knacks. Two 1930's era paintings....... Mt. Hood and The Gorge.
A fantastic four-piece vintage 40's kitchen bowl set in great shape/ awesome colors.
Not bad for 20 minutes of "huntin and diggin".


  1. I'd take that 20 minutes of digging and hunting any day. I like family run sales better - unless their prices are crazy after pricing everything first on Ebay!

  2. Wait...did you say FREE vintage wrapping paper?

  3. Lots of fun little finds! You did well in a short amount of time. I'm diggin' the trophies and I bought a round suitcase just like yours the other day at a thrift store.