Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hobo Pie Irons

Hobo Pie Irons are the newest attraction at our summer campsite. Pie irons have been around for decades but we just recently got interested in adding them to camping menu options. These campfire cooking devices are cast iron with metal arms and wooden handles. You can cook a variety of "sandwich style" toasted goodies. We had breakfast pies.....ham & cheese, egg & sausage, etc. Plus you can do "dessert pies".....bread with fruit filling.
The process goes like this: you get a good hot fire going. Put your pie iron on the grill to warm it. Then make your sandwich and get it ready. Take the iron off the heat and open it up. Spray some Pam on both sides of the opened iron. Put your sandwich inside and close the pie iron. Put it on a hot spot over the fire. Turn about every 1-2 minutes. Check the sandwich after about 5-7 minutes. Remove from the heat when toasted.

Our camping buddy Patty tried a variation on the sandwich using a toaster waffle. She filled the waffle with nutella and cherry pie filling then toasted until crispy brown.

Watch the video (below) to see a delicious waffle prepared in a hobo pie iron!

Hobo Pie Irons are available from several outdoor stores. I would recommend buying a quality iron (Rome Company) and don't get the cheap Walmart versions. Be careful while using them because they get REALLY hot. Supervise children and drunk adults when using the pie irons around the fire. Hobo Pie Irons are alot of fun and the pies are delicious....!

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